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Barricade offers exclusive products and services to customers operating in the American Oil & Gas, Forestry, Mining, and Emergency Response Industries. We use the latest innovative products and solutions, combined with skilled crews and specialized equipment. Environmental awareness is important to our operations, therefore we take all necessary steps to meet or exceed regulations.

Barricade takes pride in helping customers with project planning and execution. Our ability to utilize modern equipment and experienced personnel, coupled with our strong commitment to meeting and exceeding safety, environmental and economic requirements, allows us to be the best choice for Energy and Construction Industries.

Our personnel have extensive experience and knowledge in regards to on-site oilfield operations. They have a complete understanding of the importance of cost savings, management, and safety practices that consistently deliver exceptional results. You can utilize us to provide you with the best in: Complete Fluid Management, Frac Fluid Heating, along with Industrial Spill Containments.

Barricade Complete Fluid Management

Complete Fluid Management Services

Fluid Management Services

Barricade offers a complete range of Fluid Management Services with the experience and the ability to provide all aspects of fluid transfer services, the exclusive Envirocap Modular Lid Systems, as well as flood mitigation and site isolation.

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Barricade Frac Fluid Transfer

Frac Fluid Heating Services

Frac Fluid Heating Services

Our fleet of Super Heater are rugged and dependable, allowing us to demonstrate our commitment to efficient, professional and experienced Fluid Heating solutions. Our multi source trailer mounted and skid heaters are among the best in the industry and will not be out serviced.

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Barricade Industrial Spill Containments

Industrial Spill Containments

X-Tread Containments

Barricade is the exclusive provider of X-Tread Industrial Containments. These high-strength anti/slip containment liner systems keeps the ground below your equipment clean and free of spills or stains, while also protecting the workers. The industrial containments are beneficial to any type of industry and are available in custom shapes and sizes.

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Frac Iron Restraints on High Pressure Lines

Frac Iron Restraints

Protecting Against High-Pressure Flow Lines

Barricade utilizes the highest quality frac iron restraints in workplace locations where dangerous high-pressure flow lines are present. The destructive force of an unrestrained flow line can be catastrophic to both people and equipment. Properly installed frac iron restraints help contain high-pressure piping and components, in the case of flow line rupture during pumping operations.

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