Providing Solid Environmental Ground Protection

Barricade supplies exclusive X-Tread Industrial Spill Containments. These high-strength anti/slip containment liner systems keeps the ground below your equipment clean and free of spills or stains, while also protecting the workers.

X-Tread is proven to significantly reduce slips and trips. With static reduction, fire resistant, chemical and -40º crack resistant characteristics, you can see that standard liners are no comparison.

Barricade custom built containment berms or full location coverage can withstand daily heavy equipment traffic. They can be easily repaired and have a long term re-usability.

Available exclusively across North America and into global markets, the X-Tread Industrial Spill Containments are available in both rental or retail options. Custom sized containment berms range from 4″ – 12″ drive over foam edging, and 6″ – 6′ muscle wall portable hard wall.

X-Tread is available in a range of colors. 36 mil, 45 mil & 60 mil thicknesses provide reasonable price options depending on the specified application. The spill containments can fit into any shape or location.


Oil and Gas Industry: Industrial spill containments are specifically used in the oil and gas industry in regards to providing containments on drilling and frac locations. They can catch and soak in spills from any fluids, while protecting the ground underneath.

Battery/Facility Tank Farms: Barricade can supply 3′ & 4′ steel wall options for complete installations in the energy sector.

Marine Options: Spill containments are used for fuel/oil/chemical containment. They are also useful for increased dock/deck safety for dangerous slippery surfaces with easy cleanup.

Portable Berms: Portable berms are a great choice for construction equipment. They provide a flexible onsite option for maintenance, cleaning, and inspection.

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