Damming and Diversion Services for Flooding, Spill Control & Site Isolation of Water

Barricade’s water filled coffer damming and diversion systems use the water you are working against, to do the work for you.

Trained and certified crews are on call 24/7 for all water damming needs. We provide efficient deployment and installation of our products, as well as removal and cleanup of equipment upon job completion.

The engineered dual chamber design of our soft walled dams features 10x stability against rolling or sliding, with a maximum base strength. The water filled hard walled product is designed for use in extreme conditions.

Our damming and diversion products can mold to any terrain, easily configures to any shape or size that’s required, while leaving minimal environmental impact. They are re-usable, repairable, and replaces expensive labor intensive sandbag installation. Our re-usable specialized damming and diversions equipment keeps similar disposable types of equipment from clogging our landfills.


  • Emergency flood control and Emergency spill control.
  • Water damming and diversion for construction site isolation, property protection and power station protection.
  • Lined pit segregation, spill isolation and pump out services for repairs, and extensions.
  • River, Creek, Lake, Dam, Weir & Marina Diversions for repairs or replacements.
  • Pipeline break, chemical spill isolation with option of combining with industrial spill containments to create above ground storage with ground protection for solid environmental impact reduction.

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