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Contact our dedicated Sales Team to learn more about how we can provide you with a detailed pricing package for your upcoming project requirements. Our team can create a plan or package for Complete Fluid Management Services, Frac Fluid Heating, Industrial Spill Containments, as well as Frac Iron Restraints. Additional Fluid Management Project plans can be created for Enviro Cap Lids or our Damming and Diversion Products.

Detailed Brochures are available upon request from our Sales Team. Request one by contacting to receive more information about one of our Products or Services.

Barricade is a full service fluid management and frac fluid heating industrial company who offers exclusive products and services to customers operating in the Western and Central American Oil & Gas, Forestry, Mining, and Emergency Response Industries.

Barricade operates in all major US Plays, with crews available to work from any of our base locations. Current base locations are: Williston ND, Douglas WY, Cheyenne WY, Fort Worth TX, Midland TX, as well as San Antonio TX.

Our focus is directed towards using the latest innovative products and solutions, combined with skilled crews and specialized equipment. Our re-usable specialized Damming and Diversion rental equipment options keep similar disposable types of equipment from clogging our landfills, while reducing environmental impact on work sites and properties. Above all else, we take all necessary steps to meet or exceed regulations, because environmental awareness is important to our operations.

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