Providing a Complete Range of Fluid Management Services

Barricade offers a complete range of Fluid Management Services with the experience and the ability to provide all aspects of fluid transfer services, the exclusive Envirocap Modular Lid Systems, as well as flood mitigation and site isolation. A complete range of Fluid Management Services are available to customers operating in the Western American Oil & Gas Industry, Forestry, Mining, and Emergency Response. We have the experience and ability to provide all aspects of fluid management from sourcing water, obtaining permits, arranging the logistics of transferring the water to the location, as well as heating and transferring fluid on location come frac time or on the fly.

When water transfer situations are not feasible and trucking of the water must be used, our Fluid Management team is very experienced with the requirements of loading and unloading of trucks. This increases efficiency, allowing the trucks more time on the road and less time idling.


  • 4″ – 12″ Diesel Self Priming Pumps c/w emergency shut off (Trailer Mounted)
  • 4″ – 12″ Lay Flat Hoses – All hose available with Stainless Steel heads and Produced Water Rating
  • 4″ – 10″ Suction Hard Hoses
  • 4″ – 12″ Hose Packages
  • 4″ – 10″ Filter Units, Twin Pots, 5-24 Pots/Unit (Trailer Mounted)
  • 14″ Produced Water Blending Manifold
  • Submersible Pumps (All Sizes)
  • Generators
  • Road Crossings
  • AST’s and Lay Down Style Frac Tanks Complete with all Necessary Manifolds
  • Frac Fluid Super Heaters 35 MBTU – 40 MBTU, Propane and Natural Gas
  • Remote Access Equipment
  • All other required components for your Fluid Transfer needs

Envirocap Lid System

Barricade has extensive experience with floating covers for any shape or size of above ground water storage tanks, lined pits and water cells. The exclusive Envirocap lid system is built to reduce heat loss and evaporation. It handles the harshest environments, while conserving water for the future.

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Barricade Fluid Management Damming

Damming & Diversions

Barricade offers water filled coffer dam systems that use the water you are working against, to do the work for you. Our damming products leave minimal environmental impact, can mold to any terrain, and easily configures to any shape or size that’s required. They are re-usable, repairable, and replaces expensive labour intensive sandbag installation.

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